December 03, 2011

If anybody else is trying to set up a relay, Here’s a helpful

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working with a relay: Help me if you know something!

A relay increases the voltage controlled by the arduino from 5volts to a larger amount (in this case 120v). This is useful in order to control larger things out in the world. For my final project, I’m going to get an arduino (paired with a relay) to control an air mattress pump. The relay isn’t hooked up to the mattress yet but at least the relay and arduino are functioning together…
relay video

If you are doing an arduino final project, let me know so we can help each other. This stuff is confusing!

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Arduino Action

November 27, 2011

Cool-Finally got some something happening in my sketch linked to the arduino. I’m not sure if I did the assignment exactly right, but at least I made something. Check out the video!


When you scroll the mouse from left to right in the sketch, the faces turn from blue to red. Simultaneously, the led on my arduino brightens and dims gradually from completely off when the mouse is on the left edge of the sketch to full brightness at the right edge of the sketch.

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“crying” glasses

November 15, 2011


The previous sketch (tears and sponge) inspired me to create glasses that squirt tears from thin plastic tubing.  Here’s a picture!

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Tears and sponge sketch

for some reason the tears are really slow in the wordpress version of the sketch so be patient!  Does anyone know why the objects move at a drastically slower speed in the wordpress than in the processing application?

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#7 Square up

November 01, 2011

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#6 Square off

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#5 square peg in a round hole

October 29, 2011

This Sketch is incomplete;  I still want to make it more interactive.  Let me know if you have any cool ideas!

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#4 Town Square

October 25, 2011

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#3 still working on this one…. “T-Square”

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